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Fitness app

ClassPass is a monthly fitness membership that lets you go to the best boutique fitness studios for a lower price than if you were to book classes individually on your own. Use the site or app to explore classes in your area, select the routine that works for you, and book your spot with no hassle.

Data & Analytics Platform

B6A's analytics-fueled technology enables companies to maximize ROI on their sports sponsorship spend across all advertising channels. Sports properties, agencies and brands use B6A's platform to create a truly interactive experience focused on delivering sponsorship value.
mba mission

Educational Services Web App

mbaMission is an elite MBA admissions consulting firm that specializes in helping applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.

Social media app

OnePlayce is a social media publishing and data analytics platform that uses algorithms and automation to save users time and money. Using 1P's algorithm and automation technology, you can manage multiple channels with a single click, brand photos with your logo, and know your post is being published when most of your fans are online. Maximize exposure and make sure every post gets the most views, likes, and comments - all with the push of a button.

maps based app

Walkli is a web and mobile app technology company that crowdsources walking routes of neighborhoods and cities around the world. You can create maps that showcase your favorite walking tours in any city and share with the world. Looking to plan a trip or explore a new city? Pick a route from walkli's user generated database and save to the walkli app or send to yourself to explore even when you don't have internet.


flexible, lean, modular

We're built for speed. We can get from an initial call to the team operating in as little as 1-2 weeks.

1. Discovery
We start by taking the time to understand your problem, timeframe, and resources. We create a feature list and sizing scope and provide a build time and cost estimate.
2. Strategy
Before planning we discuss your business goals and tailor our tech recommendations to achieve them most efficiently. We engage in a conversation around your priorities to determine the appropriate tech stack and best approach.
3. Planning
Have a rapidly approaching deadline? Is cost your primary concern? We build our plan to suit your needs. Together, we determine the size and composition of your team with speed and efficiency in mind. Our large engineering team means no waiting for developers to become available. We help you set up the necessary 3rd party accounts and populate JIRA with incremental tasks to be assigned to individual team members.
4. Design & Development
Whether you are starting from scratch or have full mockups done, our designers will work with you to finalize the UX/UI that will serve as the guide for our developers. All full-time developers are dedicated to you; they don't work on any other projects. No anonymous piecemeal work here. We employ release-focused agile development methods so you receive consistent business value and can track progress.
5. Testing & Deployment
We conduct QA testing throughout each build phase, testing features as they are individually completed. Leading up to an app or site release, we deploy a test version to evaluate the whole system in a live environment. We manage the deployment process and provide guidance for app/play store approval processes. We can incorporate a wide suite of analytics and information gathering tools to help you understand the behavior of your users and inform your future decisions.
6. Iteration & Support
We stand by our code and fix any bugs that come out in the initial release until you are satisfied. We have never had a client need an outside code cleanup. Our flexible support and ongoing development plans are customizable to meet every client's needs and budget.

Roles, Tech Capabilities,
Areas of Strength

We recognize that every project is different, every client has unique needs.


Backend development focuses on server-side features and functionality, including API development and integration.

(Web & Mobile)

Web development focuses on user-side features and functionality, including implementation of UI design environment and any user facing widgets. Mobile development focuses on implementation of mobile business features for Android and iOS based phones and tablets.

UI / UX Design

UX (User Experience) focuses on how the user interacts with a system. This includes layout, placement of buttons, and inter-screen navigation. UI (User Interface) focuses on aesthetics, including color palette, font, and text size.

Data Science

Data science looks at how data can be used to inform decision making and automate processes based on mathematical equations and algorithms.


Architecture comes into play when designing complex, scalable systems. How do the systems interact with each other? How should a system be built to be inexpensive in the short-term and scalable in the long-term? What are the ideal tech stacks to achieve the business goals? The architect makes these determinations during the strategy and planning phases to ensure an efficient project.

dev ops

Setting up cloud infrastructure, deployment tooling, and maintaining systems in QA and higher environments is performed by Dev Ops. Additional responsibilities include ensuring that the application environment is tuned to handle the performance and scalability requirements.

Manual qa

QA (Quality Assurance) is responsible for testing features, finding defects, and ensuring that the developers' code functions correctly in the real world. Manual QA is preferable for initial builds due to time savings.

qa automation

Automation is responsible for configuring processes to automatically scan applications for any defects. QA Automation is preferable for larger systems to ensure that later stage builds do not break previously built functionality.

product management

The Product Manager is responsible for making all of these different roles work together in harmony and facilitating communication between the team. In agile development, the PM sets up the development sprints and runs daily scrum meetings. He is the keeper of the product roadmap and is accountable for meeting deadlines and keeping the project on track.

Primary stacks

meet the team behind rps

Oleg K.
Igor F.
Iggy M.
Head of Strategy & Product
Rachel F.
Director of Finance
Sergey K.
Director of Engineering / Head of Mobile Development
Igor S.
Director of Product
Alexander S.
Director of Operations
Spencer J.
Evgeniy L.
Lead Designer
Fedor K.
Web Architect
Andrey S.
Ihar S.
Senior Backend Developer
Andrey K.
Senior Backend Developer
Artem B.
Senior Mobile Developer
Sergey Z.
Senior Web Developer

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